An APGIII Asparagaceae subfamily

The flora of British India / by J. D. Hooker assisted by various botanists.

Publication Type:Botanical Protologue
Year of Publication:1894
Authors:Hooker, J. Dalton
Call Number:QK349.H665 1875-97
Other Numbers:OCLC Number 4047615

Contents: I. Ranunculaceae to Sapindaceae.-- II. Sabiaceae to Cornaceae.-- III. Caprifoliaceae to Apocynaceae.-- IV. Asciepiadeae to Amarantaceae.-- V. Chenopodiaceae to Orchideae.-- VI. Orchideae to Cyperaceae.-- VII. Cyperaceae, Gramincae, and general index.

Short Title:Fl. Brit. India
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